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Winter Protection

 Ice and snow that accumulates on your roof or inside your gutters can cause water damage to your home. This accumulation can cause hazardous conditions outside of your home, such as falling snow and ice patches on your walkways or driveways. Queensbury Seamless is here to help you through those rough winter months. Though we can't erase winter for you, we can do our best to ensure that you home is protected from the elements. Our gutter specialists will assess your home to help you make the decisions that best fit your needs. Some of your "winter protection" options are listed and described below.



 Polar Blox™ Snow Guards are rooftop devices that help to prevent snow slides, the dangerous movement of ice and snow, by allowing it to melt completely or drop off in small amounts. Their clear snow guards are made of a tough plastic that is both effective and economical. They are UV protected, keeping them from breaking down from the sun or harsh weather. Polar Blox™ Snow Guards help prevent avalanches while remaining practically invisible, adding beauty to function.

Six Great Reasons To Install Snow Guards

  1. Protection of your most valuable asset- your home!
  2. Prevents damage to gutters.
  3. Prevents ice dams at roof's edge.                           
  4. Prevents damage to home & landscaping/property.
  5. Prevents unnecessary snow & ice injuries around your home.

                                                                       Also available in copper.

                 Copper Snow Guards

Here is a diagram of how snow guards are installed to your roof.



There are many reasons to invest in a radiant heat heat tape, or cable,  for snow and ice melt applications, but the most important, perhaps, is to protect yourself and your home. Heat tape prevents the buildup of ice dams and large icicles around eaves, drains, and valleys.




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